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CTG is an up and coming New York based brand of sporting goods and apparel specializing in baseball equipment and accessories. CTG seeks to not only command the industry, but to be a brand that motivates and inspires athletes of all levels. A portion of all CTG sales is donated to a new charity each month.

SSK produces high performance baseball products of unsurpassed quality, unique designs and advanced technologies that have made the SSK brand popular in Japan since 1950. Long before professional Japanese players traveled to the United States to play for big league teams, American players developed an appreciation for SSK’s “Made in Japan” products. After being in America for only a few short years in the 80s, we are back and better than ever with new and improved baseball products, while still maintaining the same commitment to delivering high quality and performance products. Our bats, gloves and baseball accessories are simply exceptional. Just try them, and you will love SSK.
This is the beginning of a new and exciting era. More great things are to come, and we want to invite you to join us.

Robinson Cano and Javier Baez are part of our SSK Advisory Staff Members

In May 2015, CTG Distributors proudly announced its role as the official licensee and distributor of SSK Baseball products in North America and the Caribbean. CTG Distributors is the home to the Controlling The Game brand as well as SSK. The Controlling The Game brand is an up and coming fitness apparel, uniform and sporting goods brand, while SSK specializes in baseball products and team uniforms. Together we are developing an all-new experience for the SSK brand in America.

“For more than 50 years, SSK has been the brand of choice for baseball luminaries like Don Sutton, Allan Trammel, Roberto Alomar as well as today’s elite players such as Robinson Cano, Pablo Sandoval and others,”
said Jorge Medina, President, CTG/Controlling the Game.
“CTG Distributors is delighted to partner with SSK, and looks forward to helping this esteemed brand reach its fullest potential in the USA and Caribbean,”
said Gary Kucich, CEO, CTG/Controlling the Game.

CTG Distributors is the official licensee of SSK in North America and the Caribbean.
Avoid counterfeit SSK products. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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The SSK Story
Discover more than half-century of story in just a few words.

SSK uniformSSK was established as a uniform company in 1950, and quickly transitioned into a full-line baseball brand, equipping both amateur and professional players alike. The "dimple" patterned baseball glove was first developed in 1978, and its unique visual design and functionality quickly made SSK a leader in the baseball industry. SSK’s commitment to producing innovative products demonstrates the brand’s respect and tradition for the game of baseball.
SSK takes tremendous pride in producing elite products that show the detailed craftsmanship of the manufacturer. That is why the most sought after Fungo bat on the market is the SSK Fungo bat. Used by every professional team in the game, the SSK Fungo is made from Japanese Poplar, is precision-based, and extremely lightweight for maximum use.
In addition, SSK gloves are made from the finest Japanese leathers and designed with Shokunin craftsmanship, made for durability and long lasting form. Each glove is carefully created to help maximize the comfort level for players, and maintain the look and feel of the glove from the first use to the last.
SSK Trademark USAAlthough the SSK Fungo bat is the best fungo bat on the market, SSK wood bats do not fall far behind. Our wood bat line consists of the RC22, i-13 and 271 bat models. The RC22 Professional Edge bat is made from the highest grade maple, and is ink-dot tested for quality. This bat was designed for World Series Champion, and 7-time All-Star, Robinson Cano. The Pro Series bats (i-13 and 271), are made from the highest grade ash and maple wood which allows for a perfectly balanced ink-dot tested bat.
The SSK product line continues to grow and showcase new and innovative products on a regular basis. Never forgetting their history but always looking towards the future with creating cutting-edge products that help propel performance level and productivity. The aluminum BBCOR certified SSK Clone bat is proof of this innovation. Thinking outside the box by creating a product that has never been seen or introduced in the marketplace is what SSK has always done, and will continue you to do in Japan and now in America.
SSK had a short run in the U.S. back in the 80s, but now that SSK is back in America, the partnership with CTG Distributors will take the brand to new heights…or in baseball terms, “out of the park!” With that being said…”Let’s Play Ball!” And we didn’t even need 500 words.

Controlling..(verb) [kuh n-trohl ing]- the power to influence the course of events